Dinner at Lebanese Taverna

January 13, 2009

Today was Ramzi’s birthday, so Ed took us to Lebanese Taverna in Harbor East to celebrate. We ordered a bunch of mezzas to share. Basically we just had Ramzi order everything because we figured he had some idea of what would be good…plus it was his birthday =P. Closewise from the top left: Maanek: spiced beef & lamb sausages, sauteed in lemon butter, Shankleesh: aged sheep feta blended with paprika rolled in zaatar (sesame, thyme and sumac), Hommos, Babba Ghannouge, and Sambousik: pastry shells stuffed with meat, almonds, pine nuts, deep fried. We also had grape leaves and Habra Nayeh: lebanese lamb tartare! diced fresh lamb, red onions, thyme mint leaves, spices and olive oil, which I neglected to take pictures of. We finished with some baklava in pomegranate sauce with honey ice cream. Delish! I was a little wary about having the raw lamb, but it was surprisingly tasty. It was my first time at Lebanese Taverna but I really like the tapas style of ordering and getting to try a bunch of different things. The restaurant itself is huge, and apparently never busy so you should try it if you’re ever in the area!

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