Quick rant

February 7, 2009

Since I’ve started blogging more, I’m noticing little annoyances here and there, both with blogger and picasa. First off, with picasa. WHY are you only allowed to up load a max of 4 photos/blog post. It certainly does take away from the convenience of the little “Blog This!” button tempting you on the bottom of the program. At first I thought it might just be a glitch in the mac version of picasa, but a quick google search led me to this post from another blog dated in July 2008, so it must have been a windows version of the software.

So fine, I can only upload 4 photos at a time. But when I go into blogger to manually upload the remaining photos myself, they not only upload in the reverse order that I list them, but they append themselves to the top of the entry as well. Absolutely makes no sense to me, and it’s really annoying to dig through the html and copy paste the code where it should be. that is all.


2 Responses to “Quick rant”

  1. Nate-n-Annie Says:

    I really recommend moving to Windows Live Writer. It’s so much better than Picasa for blog posting.http://download.live.com/writer

  2. Emily Says:

    thanks for the info!! However, I guess I should have mentioned in the post that I use a mac.

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