Superbowl Sunday

February 7, 2009

I am not a Cardinals fan. And I am a non-Steelers fan. So I really had no emotional investment in last week’s game. But football is football, and it turned out to be a pretty spectacular game, and a fun time with friends. My friend, Jenny generously offered up her apartment for the game watching festivities. (What I really mean to say is, her apartment was volunteered by some friends, but thanks, Jenny!). Everyone got together and brought some great game-time food and drink.

I came across a recipe for mojito jello shots on yumsugar, but it originated from food and wine. They sounded yummy, so I tried them out. These are NOT your average jello shot. Instead of using flavored jello, you use gelatin that you steep in lime juice, mint, and simple syrup. I’d never worked with just gelatin, and I had a lot of of trouble getting it to dissolve without clumping. So by the time I got most of the gelatin dissolved, I think some of the water from the simple syrup had evaporated. I added a little to make up for it, but I was afraid to add too much in case the jello didn’t solidfy as a result. Anyway, they turned out pretty well in the end. I got compliments on them. They were definitely solid–one of my friends said they looked like little silicone breast implants! It’s kinda true…especially with the color. They were super concentrated and strong, but they tasted like mojito for sure. But yea, if anyone has any tips of dissolving gelatin in simple syrup, I’d be happy to hear them! I’ll have to try this recipe again some time. Unfortunately, I have no pictures of the finished product.

I also came across a recipe for pepperoni pizza dip from noble pig. It’s really easy to whip up real quick. I chopped up most of the ingredients in a food processor to speed things up a bit. I also added a little more cream cheese than the 3 oz. the original recipe called for. Probably wasn’t necessary, but it still turned out okay. Added a dash of fennel seed (just cuz I had it)…and I think those were the only minor alterations I made.

For the breadsticks, I just used the premade refrigerated dough, since I didn’t have time to make dough from scratch. Sprinkled with oregano instead of parsley.

Finished product!

Only a fraction of the spread of food we had for the game. Notice the microwave on the floor. Ran out of space on the counters and tables for food! My friend Joe made this outstanding pulled pork. There was also some chicken skewers (taken off the skewer) with a peanut dipping sauce, 7-layer dip, hummus, and lots and lots more.

My friend Anna made vegetarian meatballs (meatless balls?) in a slow cooker.

More food! My friend, Tiffany went a little overboard on the seven layer dip, haha. Anyway, I love superbowl parties. They never fail to be a good time, (and always end up being a night of overindulgence that you pay for the next week, but oh well)


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