The Complete Korean Experience — Goong Jeon

March 3, 2009

Last Saturday, my friend Ed invited me and 16 of his closest friends to try this Korean place in Glen Burnie he heard about. It’s called Goong Jeon (their advertised URL doesn’t work). Based on the one review on yelp at the time, it only had one star, but the reviews on citysearch were better. So I figured I had to check it out for myself and form my own opinion. Because we had such a large party, they put us in one of the private rooms, which was nice because we were able to make lots of noise and be rowdy without disturbing everyone else in the restaurant (which wasn’t very full anyway). Although, the room we were in was really cold. One of the servers brought in a heat lamp on one side of the room, but the other side of the room was still freezing. You had the option of eating at the dinner buffet ($18.99/person), which consisted of your choice of raw proteins and vegetables which you could cook at the table. I wish there were more Korean BBQ places around here where you can cook at the table. About 5 in our party chose that option. The rest of us ordered a bunch of dishes to share. We ordered three proteins, the bulgolgi, kalbi, and spicy pork. But because we were such a large party, our server said they would just cook it in their kitchen for us rather than let us cook it ourselves, so I was a little disappointed I didn’t get to cook.

Overall I thought the food was okay, I’ve definitely had better Korean food in this area. The bulgolgi wasn’t that great, and the pa jun dough didn’t taste right…I think maybe too much dough and not enough filler. I did enjoy the spicy pork and the chicken wings. I might try to go back some time with fewer people and try my hand at cooking the BBQ, or try the buffet.

Pictured L-R, Top to bottom: Chicken wings, Goong Jeon dinnerware, bulgolgi, chap jae, appetizers, pa jun, spicy pork, kalbi, sake.

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