Corned Beef Hash

March 17, 2009

Every year my parents will make corned beef and cabbage for St. Patrick’s Day. We don’t have an ounce of Irish in us. In fact this year, we ate our corned beef and cabbage with brown rice on the side. To top that off, my dad made Korean Pancake with leek and mushrooms to go with it. Not exactly your traditional St. Patty’s Day meal, but we like to do things with a twist.

The next day, I took some of the corned beef leftovers and made corned beef hash. I followed a recipe from Simply Recipes. It’s relatively easy to make. It’s basically a 1:1:1 ratio of chopped onion, potatoes, and corned beef. I was lazy and didn’t precook the potatoes, but I think it still turned out fine. Just took a little longer to cook. Nothing burned, so that was good.

I’m a big fan of corned beef hash. I didn’t realize it was so easy!!

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One Response to “Corned Beef Hash”

  1. Elise Says:

    So glad the corned beef hash worked out for you, even with uncooked potatoes!

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