Dessert at Swanky Wine Place

April 16, 2009

Okay, it’s not actually called Swanky Wine Place. That’s just how my high school friends and I have nicknamed the Iron Bridge Wine Company in Ellicott City. Iron Bridge is a great little place off of Rt. 108 West in Ellicott City. It used to be a pretty divey place several years ago when I was still in middle/high school, but was bought out and converted into this lovely wine bar/restaurant around the time I went to college. It’s literally across the street from a farm. Your view is of a vegetable stand and corn fields in the summer time. My friends and I got together here on a rainy Friday night and caught up over some wine, coffee, and dessert. I ordered a vanilla latte (pictured: bottom left) and the bread pudding (top right). I thought the bread pudding was mediocre. I like gooey bread puddings, and I thought this one was too dense. One of my friends ordered the creme brulee, and another ordered the chocolate pate (top left, and bottom right, respectively). Both were pretty delicious.
I like going to swanky wine place for dessert. It’s not really a place that is within my budget if I were to go there for dinner. Not only that, it can get pretty packed around dinner hours, and last I checked they did not take reservations. But if I feel like treating myself to dessert with some friends, it’s a nice atmosphere to chat, and generally by “dessert time” it’s not as crowded.
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