2nd Annual Pie Party

May 12, 2009

Last year, my friend Ed concocted the idea of doing a Pie picnic, where everyone brings a different (homemade) pie. We held the picnic at the Sherwood Gardens, up near the Johns Hopkins Homewood campus. In the spring they have beds of tulips all over; it’s really pretty. I love spring flowers. We decided to make the picnic and annual thing, and this year we held it at Fort McHenry. It was a perfect day for a picnic–the sun was out, low humidity, mid-70s–awesome. I made two pies for the party, a mango strawberry pie, and an apple and sausage pie that I got off of Simply Recipes.

The mango pie turned our really great. I used all frozen fruit because I was lazy, (and honestly I think chopping up fresh mango and putting it in a pie is a waste of a mango…eat it straight up!). And it’s a super easy recipe.

Mango-Strawberry Pie

The apple and sausage pie was a little more complicated, and it didn’t turn out as I expected. The cheese/egg topping looked way more egg-y than the picture from Simply Recipes, but taste wise it still came out great. I think it helped that I got all the ingredients for this pie from Trinacria Macaroni Works, my new favorite Italian Deli. Both my pies were gone by the end of the picnic. Yay!

Apple and Sausage pie (see how egg-y??)

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