A Birthday Lunch at Coal Fire Pizza

May 25, 2009

Yesterday my family went out to lunch to celebrate my sister’s birthday. She found a restaurant (on Yelp!) that she wanted to try out. It’s called Coal Fire Pizza, and it’s located off or Rt 108 in Ellicott City. According to the yelp reviews, it just opened this past April. We got there around 3pm, so it wasn’t crowded at all. It would be hard to judge at that time how well business is doing.

The menu is not that extensive. Their specialty is their pizzas, and they have a few apps, salads, pastas, and sandwiches–nothing too fancy. They don’t really have any defined pizzas; it’s largely build your own, but they do offer a couple of suggestions. Prices are in the Bertucci’s range. A 12″ cheese runs you 10.95 + $1.50 for each topping. A 16″ is 13.95 + $2 per topping. You can choose from three different sauces, classic (which is your standard tomato sauce), spicy, and signature–a combo of classic and spicy. We ordered family style and shared a few plates.

For the app, we got the calamari, which was pretty good. The breading was light, the peppers spicy, and the sauce had a little kick.

Some items on the menu were boxed, which I’m assuming means they’re supposed to be “favorites.” One of these favorites was a cheesesteak. We decided to get that in addition to a large pizza in case there wasn’t enough food. The cheesesteak was actually pretty good. The bread was toasted just right and the meat and caramelized onions were yummy. Though I did think it was kind of expensive. For 8.95 (or 9.95?) all you got was the cheesesteak. It wasn’t huge, and there were no sides that came with it. So I thought that was kind of lame.

For the pizza, my sister chose a signature sauce with sausage. Our server boasted about how the oven temp gets to over 900 degrees so I guess that’s supposed to be a good thing. I did enjoy the pizza. The crust was really thin and crispy. The sauce was pretty good–I’m glad we didn’t get spicy because I think the Signature sauce was already spicy enough. I think this place will do good things for the Howard County restaurant scene. It’s a nice change from all the corporate chain restaurants in every cookie cutter strip mall.

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