WOW Cafe and Wingery

May 29, 2009

“World Of Wings.” That’s what the “WOW” in WOW Cafe and Wingery stands for. The place just opened up this past Memorial Day across the street from the Hippodrome on Eutaw Street. One of my friends, Mikey who used to bar tend at Bedrock is now bartending here, so we all went to support him at the Grand Opening.

If you like to watch sports, you’ve come to the right place. There’s plenty of seating, and the walls are covered in TVs; even the booths have their own individual TVs, so you’re likely to find a screen showing whatever match you came to see. However it lacks any sort of games, like a pool table or a dart board, which I thought were usually sports bar staples.

In terms of the menu, an obvious feature is their chicken wings. There are 17 sauces to choose from, including three varieties of Buffalo, very creatively named I, II, and III. I was there with 4 other friends so we ordered two plates of 25 wings each. If you get 25 wings, you get to pick 5 sauces. Do the math…we picked all but 7 sauces. Unfortunately, they didn’t really help you distinguish which sauce was which; all the wings came out on one plate, and everything started to taste the same after awhile. We chose the Buffalo III, and it really wasn’t that spicy. According to Mikey, WOW is focused more on taste rather than burning your tongue off with the hottest sauce available. The wings overall tasted pretty good and were a decent size. One of my friends tried to order nachos because the website menu lists nachos. Apparently this location doesn’t have nachos on the menu (what sports bar doesn’t have nachos??) but they were able to make them for her anyway.

I like WOW. I think it’s got potential. This area definitely needs a sports bar. However, it’s kind of expensive. The 25-wing platter, which is the best deal you can get on wings still rang up at $24. If you order 8 wings, it’s $8.99. And pitchers of beer? Don’t even get me started. $16/pitcher! Mikey said they’re still working out prices. Hopefully they will start up some happy hours or student pricing soon because I can’t afford to eat and drink there otherwise.

The only shot of the wings I managed to get in before my friends started devouring them all.

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    WOW! Those wings look delicious. Fabulous photo. Tastefully done (get it?).

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