Dinner and Dessert in Federal Hill, 6.6.2009

June 18, 2009

A couple Saturdays ago, after a really long and exhausting afternoon of strawberry picking (kidding, it wasn’t that exhausting), my friends and I headed to Federal Hill to grab a bite to eat. We checked out The Abbey Burger Bistro on Cross St. They have an interesting selection of specialty burgers created by the chef. It states clearly on the menu that there are no substitutions allowed. However, if you can’t decide on a burger, you have the option of creating your own. I chose the turkey burger, topped with black beans, avocado, red hawk cheese, bib lettuce, and spicy creme fraiche. I thought the burger itself was pretty good, but the bread was so-so. And of course I had to get the sweet potato fries.

Afterwards while walking home, we passed by E61 Espresso Bar and Ice Cream on Charles. They advertise thru their window that they have handmade ice cream, so we went in to check it out. There were a few flavors to choose from, and you can sample as many as you like. I asked to try the passionfruit sorbet, and the lady commented that when she made it that morning, she thought it turned out a little sour. It’s always surprising to hear someone criticize her own food especially when she’s trying to sell it to you. She was definitely right; it was pretty sour. I then sampled the caramelized grape nuts. I was never a fan of Grape Nuts cereal. I think I always associated it with old people because my after school baby sitter when I was a kid always ate them, and she was elderly. But I never really liked the taste either. But this ice cream flavor was really good. Sweet with just the right amount of crunch. I walked out of their with a scoop of the grape nut, and a scoop of the double chocolate. So yummy; I’m definitely a fan.

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