Key Lime Pie and Strawberry Bread 6.10.2009

June 18, 2009

Ramzi had a bunch of key limes lying around so I decided to make a key lime pie out of them. It’s a real pain to get juice out of a key lime without a juicer. That’s what I learned from this whole experience. I squeezed the crap out of 20 or so key limes by hand and still didn’t manage to get 1 full cup of key lime juice that the recipe called for. So I made up the difference with lemon juice I had lying around. I used this recipe from allrecipes, taking into account some of the modifications mentioned in the comments. I only used 4 egg yolks instead of 5, and doubled the key lime juice and condensed milk. I also made my own graham cracker crust since I had the crackers lying around.

Super easy graham cracker crust (graham cracker crumbs, butter, and a tiny bit of sugar)

Finished pie. Wasn’t too tart, and tasted yummilicious =)

I also still had a bunch of strawberries. We ended up freezing probably over half of what we’d picked. But I took a couple cups and made a strawberry bread using this recipe. I thought it came out a bit dry, but I baked it for longer because it didn’t look done after the suggested baking time. I think I just need to get used to the gas oven in my new apartment because it appears to be a lot hotter than an electric oven set at the same temperature. I also had to use olive oil because I was out of vegetable oil, but I don’t think that made a significant difference.

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