Happy Father’s Day!! Bonaparte 6.21.2009

June 24, 2009

Last Sunday I was originally supposed to go home to celebrate Father’s day with my family. Unfortunately, due to a little excessive partying at a wedding reception the night before, I overslept until 10:30, so my parents decided to come up to see me instead, since they hadn’t yet seen my new apartment all set up. After touring my house and my lab, we headed out to Bonaparte in Fell’s Point for some lunch. They have a pretty good lunch special, where you can choose a quiche or sandwich, a dessert, and a drink all for $12.90. We played around with the idea of just getting two lunch specials and two entrees alone since we didn’t think we’d need that much dessert. But everything looked so appealing my dad said he wanted a dessert all to himself, so we ended up each getting our own lunch special.

I picked the salmon quiche, the chocolate triangle with coconut and raspberry filling, and a coffee. Everything was excellent!


The desserts. Clockwise from top left: chocolate triangle (my choice), strawberry tart (my dad’s), flan (mom’s choice), chocolate-cherry cake (sister’s).

We cut each of our desserts in fourths so everyone could try everything. Afterwards we walked some of it off strolling around Fell’s. It was nice to spend an afternoon with my family in Baltimore. I think they sometimes forget there are actually some decent parts to the city.

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