Potbelly Sandwich Works opens! 6.23.2009

June 24, 2009

My friends and I have been anticipating the opening of this Potbelly for quite some time now. One of my friends passed by it last Tuesday after hours and saw a sign out front that said “We’ll open on Tuesday,” which was slightly ambiguous. Needless to say, we were disappointed when we tried going last Wednesday only to find out that by “Tuesday” they meant yesterday. Anyway, it’s open now, so that point is moot.

This Potbelly’s proximity to the University of Maryland Medical Center makes it a great lunch time spot. My friends and I went for it’s opening yesterday. Around 1pm the line was out the door, but the staff worked like a well-oiled machine to get everyone’s orders in and out quickly. You can also phone-in an order or order online ahead of time, which is great if you’re picking up a lot of sandwiches.

I ordered the original-sized Italian sandwich. For $4.50, you really can’t beat it. I also got a mocha-oreo shake. Let me just say, yum. The shakes are just the right size. I left very satisfied. I’ve actually never been to a Potbelly’s before, but I’m definitely a fan. I can see myself coming here for lunch quite often.

Look at the line!

My mocha-oreo milkshake with mini oreos on top. how cute!

Italian sandwich on multi-grain bread

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2 Responses to “Potbelly Sandwich Works opens! 6.23.2009”

  1. Lucy Says:

    Emily! Love looking at your food porn. =) There's a place here called Toaster Oven that my co-workers swear is a rip-off of Potbelly except that they have one sandwich on the menu that Potbelly doesn't have. Haha…just thought I'd share. Hope life is going well otherwise. See you in a couple weeks! =)

  2. precious Says:

    see what i mean by good things happening in baltimore and i am not there…i love potbelly. this is quite the compliment since i generally hate sandwiches.

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