An Abridged Version of Julie and Julia – 10.13.2009

November 23, 2009

My friend, Jenny suggested the book, Julie an Julia for our book club.  So for our meet up, she asked that everyone attempt a Julia Child recipe.  I decided to try her leek quiche recipe, since it didn’t seem too complicated.  But my gosh that woman used a lot of butter.  Julie wasn’t kidding when she described the vast amounts of butter she went through when attempting Julia’s recipes.  The crust alone used a stick and a half of butter plus a quarter cup of shortening or something like that.

So the quiche was almost a disaster.  I made it the night before, and the smoke alarm in my house is probably the most sensitive thing on the planet.  I go to prebake my crust and the smoke alarm goes off.  So I take the crust out, and the butter is just melting out of the crust.  The entire crust looks like it’s melting.  I freak out and try to patch the crust up as best I can.  I decide to just throw in the filling (which also contained a crazy amount of butter) and hope for the best.  For the most part it didn’t look terrible, but I think I did underbake it slightly.

I have to say I was super impressed with my girlfriends’ cooking abilities.  Angy made stuffed mushrooms, Tiffany made a Fricassee de Poulet a l’Ancienne.  Julie made Coquilees St. Jacques a la Provencal (Scallops Provencal).  Meg: Coq au Vin.  And Jenny and Jess made desserts.  Everything was awesome.  Though we didn’t end up discussing the book a whole lot (we never do), it was a nice evening with friends.

All the dishes as described above, pictured from left to right, top to bottom.


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