Seven hours in Beantown – 10.14.2009

November 23, 2009

What does one do with 7 hours to kill in Boston?  Eat and drink!  JetBlue recently began service out of BWI, and to promote this they offered $9 one-way fares between here and Boston-Logan.  It didn’t seem like an offer to be passed up, so Ramzi, Ed, and I booked a day trip.  We took the first flight out of BWI in the morning and the last flight out of Logan in the evening.

The first thing we did when we arrived was grab some breakfast.  We went to the Paramount, a cute little restaurant in Beacon Hill.  I had the tomato, basil, and mozzarella omelette.  The food was all very good, and the service was fast.  A great way to kick start our food tour.

Following this, we walked over to Union Oyster House near Fanueil Hall for some clam chowda.  We also shared a plate of oysters.  Gotta have oysters at an oyster house.

So we were kind of full at this point, and it was only like 12:30…so we decided to take a break and stopped over by Hennessy’s next door to Union Oyster House for a drink.  Our bartender made us an “Irish Trash Can,” which has equal parts blue curacao, gin, rum, peach schnappes, triple sec, vodka, and a can of red bull, placed upside down in the glass.  As the red bull seeps out, the drink turns green.  Ramzi and I drained it.

Prior to our trip, I had outlined a few places to stop at, thinking that it would be enough to cover 7 hours.  But apparently I’d forgotten how small and walkable Boston is.  There were only a couple places left on the planned food tour, which were both in the North End, so we decided to take the T up to Mass Ave and Boylston and walk around a bit.  We walked over to Sweet Cupcakes on Mass Ave for a sweet treat.  They offer miniature, almost bite-sized cupcakes so we each got one.  The icing is piled high, but it’s nice and light and not overly sweet.

We walked allll the way down Newbury street only to find ourselves back at the Public Gardens and the Commons, before heading back over to the North End.  I didn’t really know what to do…we still had so much time!  And we were still kind of full.  So we stopped in this random bar in the North End and watched soccer while sipping on limoncello for about an hour.  Then we stopped by Mike’s Pastry to pick up some cannolis to bring back to Baltimore.  I wish I had appreciated Mike’s cannolis more when I was living in Boston, but now I guess I’ll take what I can get.

I took these pictures when I got home.  Don’t they look soooo good??  I brought them to work, and they were a total hit.

Okay, last scheduled stop on our little tour was James Hook & Co. for lobster rolls…and more clam chowder.  Their clam chowder was a LOT better than the one we had at Union Oyster House.  You could actually see clam bits in there, and it was a lot heartier.  Very satisfying.

It was about 3:30, and we didn’t have to get back on the T to the airport till about 5, so we walked to Chinatown.  It was too late for dim sum, but we went to Taiwan Cafe, one of my favorite stops in college.  We just got some noodles and dumplings to tide us over on the flight home (not that we needed it…really, we were just trying to kill time).

And that was it!  I definitely got made fun of by security for carrying a big bag of Mike’s through.  We made it home by about 9pm.  Good spontaneous trip.  I realize by now that I’ve done food tours in several major cities along the east coast: Boston, NYC, Philly…yet I have never done one in D.C.  That’s going on the to do list =).


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