My First Turducken Experience – 11.21.2009

January 14, 2010

Okay, so I’m a *little* behind, but in my defense, it did take a while to recover from this meal (and the leftovers)!  Ramzi decided to undertake the challenge of making and stuffing his own turducken.  So the weekend before Thanksgiving, we had a bunch of our friends over to help partake in said turducken.  Everyone brought their favorite Thanksgiving side dishes.  There was so much amazing food.  I was quite impressed with all my friends’ culinary skills.

So a 20 lb turkey, a 6 lb duck, and a 5 lb chicken.  All deboned.  With either sausage or cornbread stuffing layered in between.  Kudos to Ramzi for doing all the deboning.  Closing those birds up was not easy.  I was a little worried when we didn’t get the thing into the oven until noon, and guests were due to arrive around 7pm.  Although several websites said total bake time would be around 9 hours, ours was done in just under 7.  And it tasted awesome.  I can’t say I was able to tell what bird I was eating when all was said it done, but it was yummy just the same.  Below is a (sort of ) step-by-step assembly.


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