1 lb. Burgers at Loco Hombre’s – 12.14.2009

January 16, 2010

Loco Hombre’s on Cold Spring Lane has $5 off their one pound burgers on Monday Nights.  It’s connected to Alonso’s, which is another restaurant in the Crazy Man Restaurant Group, so you can order the burgers from either establishment.  On Monday nights, Alonso’s tends to be filled with football fans, so we chose to sit on the Loco Hombre side and there was no wait.  They offer each of their burgers in a 1 lb. or 8 oz. “junior” version.  With the $5 discount, the 1 lb comes out to be less than the 8oz., so you may as well go for it.  I ordered the Smokehouse burger, which comes with two slices of bacon.

Ramzi had the Asian burger.  What makes it Asian?  Hoisin sauce.  Fine, fine.  hoisin sauce AND scallions.

The burgers were good, but 16 oz. patties are huge, and I think less flavorful than they would have been if they were smaller.  (You know, the whole surface area to volume ratio being affected and all).  I ate half of mine and saved the rest for lunch the next day.  If I had to recommend a burger place, I would still point you in the direction of Abbey Burger Bistro.


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