Last Sunday I was originally supposed to go home to celebrate Father’s day with my family. Unfortunately, due to a little excessive partying at a wedding reception the night before, I overslept until 10:30, so my parents decided to come up to see me instead, since they hadn’t yet seen my new apartment all set up. After touring my house and my lab, we headed out to Bonaparte in Fell’s Point for some lunch. They have a pretty good lunch special, where you can choose a quiche or sandwich, a dessert, and a drink all for $12.90. We played around with the idea of just getting two lunch specials and two entrees alone since we didn’t think we’d need that much dessert. But everything looked so appealing my dad said he wanted a dessert all to himself, so we ended up each getting our own lunch special.

I picked the salmon quiche, the chocolate triangle with coconut and raspberry filling, and a coffee. Everything was excellent!


The desserts. Clockwise from top left: chocolate triangle (my choice), strawberry tart (my dad’s), flan (mom’s choice), chocolate-cherry cake (sister’s).

We cut each of our desserts in fourths so everyone could try everything. Afterwards we walked some of it off strolling around Fell’s. It was nice to spend an afternoon with my family in Baltimore. I think they sometimes forget there are actually some decent parts to the city.

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My friend Ramzi and I have been wanting to try Tortilleria Sinaloa, a Mexican place in Fell’s Point. It’s consistently ranked in City Paper’s Best of Baltimore list, and you can see proof of that as soon as you walk in. Decorating the walls of this establishment are newspaper clippings of its triumphs throughout the years. Most recently, it was named best cheap restaurant in baltimore. The tacos run $2.50-$3 each, depending on which meat you choose. I had beef tacos, and they were awesome. The tortillas were so soft and yummy. And the sauces that accompanied the tacos gave them just enough zing. The tortilla chips were also very good. You can buy the flour tortillas by the kilo ($1.90), as well as their chips and salsa/guacamole to go. The only downsides are that the place is tiny so there isn’t much room to sit, it’s cash only, and it closes at 7pm. Can you imagine how much business they would do on weekend nights right in Fell’s Point? Definitely a spot I’ll be returning to.

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A few weekends ago the weather in Baltimore was super warm, which made me want to spend the whole of it outside. A few friends and I spent an afternoon at V-No, a new wine bar in Fell’s Point. I think the sun made us all really tired, but we ended the day having dinner at Shucker’s, a seafood restaurant right on the water. I ordered the stuffed shrimp, but honestly I think I was so tired at the point I could barely taste the food. I didn’t hate it though. I may have to go back some time to form a better opinion.

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A few weeks ago I was out with some friends in Fell’s Point. After working up an appetite pirate-watching (it was Privateer Day), we headed to Blue Moon Cafe about a block away from Broadway. I could eat breakfast food for every meal of the day if I had the choice, so this was just the place to satisfy a late night craving. I ordered an omelete, which was pretty good, but the hash browns were AMAZING. Super crispy on top, but still a little soft on the underside; they were super tasty. I love that it’s open late too; there aren’t many places in Baltimore like that.

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Domo Arigato, Mr. Yogato

April 25, 2009

Pitango Gelato, meet your competition!

I’m so glad there is now a pinkberry-type froyo place in baltimore! Located just a couple doors down from Max’s, Mr. Yogato is right in Broadway square in Fell’s. It’s a heathier alternative to ice cream or gelato, and so perfectly refreshing on a warm summer day. I had the creamy yogurt base with strawberries and mangos on top. The toppings are a little expensive: $1 for 1, $1.50 for 2, $1.75 for 3 and $.50 for every topping after that. But that’s about the going rate at similar establishments.

The inside is really spacious. When I went it looked like they were still in the process of setting up the back room with more seating. They have all sorts of boardgames for you to play while you enjoy your yogurt if you are eating there. And there are a bunch of “rules” that if you follow they will get you a 10% discount on your purchase. I had my forehead stamped and walked around looking like an idiot. At least the ink comes off easily.

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The first gorgeous weekend of 2009! Even though I should have stayed inside studying for midterms, I couldn’t let the wonderful day go to waste! My friend Anna was raving about the breakfast sandwiches at Metropolitan in Federal Hill, so we headed there for some brunch. I ordered a breakfast sandwich on a croissant with egg, cheese, and chorizo sausage ($6.50). It was excellent. The croissant wasn’t too buttery, but was just flaky enough. Very satisfying. We also shared a side of bfast potatoes ($2), which were pretty good. I liked that it was a good mix of sweet and regular potatoes.

the yummalicious sandwich


I liked that there was free refills on coffee. It’s self-serve, but they weren’t very good about refilling the pots when they were empty! There was an almond blend that I was hoping to try, but sadly it was out. With the weather being so warm, there were tables set up outside and the windows were wide open. It was so inviting!

Next, we headed to Fell’s Point to walk around a little. I’ve heard so many good things about Pitango Gelato and today was the perfect day to check it out. There are so many flavors to choose from! And they all look so yummy I wanted to try them all! I sampled the matcha green tea, mojito, and spicy chocolate and settled for the mojito. It was not too sweet, but very refreshing. I’ll definitely have to go back, though it was a bit pricey. A regular (up to two flavors) is $4.85, and a large (up to three flavors) is $6.50.

The menu

mmm mojito!

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Red Star Overload

March 3, 2009

I’ve been to Red Star to eat three times in four days now. We take our prospective students there for dinner after their interviews and I ended up there for brunch on Sunday. Last Friday, we had seven prospective students and seven current students in total. They sat us at the table right in the middle of the room, and on a Friday night it can get pretty noisy. It was hard to maintain conversation with everyone at the table, but I think we managed alright. We ordered a few appetizers for the table. I wanted to try the bacon-wrapped scallops, but I was kind of disappointed. I think the sauce had a little maple syrup in it that gave it a sweetness I didn’t like. Plus since they were jumbo scallops (which isn’t always a bad thing) the bacon:scallop ratio was not as high as say..the bacon-wrapped scallops at Famous Yakitori One. We also had the crab artichoke dip and the baked brie, both of which were decent. For my entree, I ordered the Smoky BBQ Burger wrap. I wouldn’t say it wowed me, but it wasn’t bad either. And for dessert, at Mike’s suggestion, I got the bread pudding. That wowed me. it was amazing. The portion was huge, probably should have been more like two portions. And i was so full at this point, but I couldn’t let the thing go to waste so I finished it all. so. worth it.

Clockwise from top left: Bacon-wrapped scallop, crab-artichoke dip, bread pudding, smokey bbq burger wrap

On Sunday, Ramzi, Steph, Ramzi’s friend, Shant, and I came for brunch. Amazingly we didn’t have to wait for a table even without a reservation. I ordered the eggs benedict. It was pretty good. The eggs were poached really well. The ham was sliced really thick, which made it harder to eat, and the sweet potatoes weren’t cooked through, which was unfortunate. I really like their sweet potatoes usually. However, bottomless mimosas make everything better. Definitely left the meal with a slight buzz.

Last night we had a couple more prospectives in town. We actually had a snow day yesterday and the university was closed, so their interviews were canceled. But we took them out to dinner anyway. We ordered wings and the baked brie as apps. I finally gave in and ordered a pizza. I’m always tempted to try the pizza, but I really like the sweet potato fries which come with the sandwiches and burgers, but not the pizzas. My friend has the exact same sentiment, so we each ordered a pizza and a side of sweet potato fries to share. everybody’s happy. I ordered the thai chicken pizza. and for dessert, I got the flourless chocolate cake, which was super yummy with beautiful presentation.

I do really like Red Star, but if I don’t go there again for awhile, I probably won’t be too upset.

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