Okay, so maybe I’m the only one whose excited about yakitori pictures…I went back to Famous Yakitori One the other day with a few more friends (trying to spread the word!)

Quail egg, bacon-wrapped enoki, pork yakitori. Quail egg was great!

Salmon onigiri. I want to try this next time!

Bacon-wrapped avocado – will always be my favorite

Ed tried some of the Korean food. bulgogi box.

I got the okonomiyaki (pancake) with squid and pork. Wonderful goodness.

Only thing was, they did mess up our order a little (again). They forgot a couple skewers and we got one skewer that no one remembered ordering. They gave us some fried tofu on the house, but I thought it was weird that they served it in the dipping sauce, rather than with the sauce on the side. Naturally, the tofu’s batter got soggy quickly. I can understand it being easy to confuse things if someone orders a bunch of individual yakitori skewers. I might suggest to them next time I go that they do their menu more like sushi menus where you just check off what you want and write down a quantity. That might eliminate some confusion.

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Went there tonight. Forgot my camera :( Review on yelp. I’ll take pictures next time.