Lunar New Year Korean Style

January 27, 2009

Celebrated Lunar Year with some friends up at Nam Kang, the Korean Restaurant up on Maryland Ave tonight. Ordered the Tuk Mandoo Guk, a dumpling soup dish that you’re suppose to eat on New Year’s. Apologies for the poor quality photo of my half-eaten soup. Forgot to take a picture when it first came. But in the top left corner is potato salad, which was part of the banchan. Happy ‘Niu’ Year! It’s the year of the Ox, which is my year. Can you guess how old I am? haha.
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Chinese New Year’s Lunch

January 26, 2009

My parents had tickets to the BSO this past Saturday. They subscribed to this Saturday at noon concert series, unaware of the fact that most of the patrons to this series are senior citizens (they arrive in tour buses…I’m not joking). Anyway, they dropped off my sister beforehand, and we got to work creating a New Year’s lunch for them. YumSugar put together a collection of traditional new year’s dishes here, so we based our menu on that, with a few adaptations.

We ended up preparing the spring rolls using my mom’s recipe, but I tried out the dipping sauce, which turned out well. I was disappointed that the white-cut chicken ended up slightly undercooked, which I didn’t realize until after cutting it, so we just nuked it for about 6 minutes, and it was fine. I set the smoke alarm off attempting to make the chicken dipping sauce, but it still tasted good. My sister made a corn and egg drop soup, and I prepared the noodle dish. My sister also made some mini bundt chocolate cakes with peanut butter (not traditional new year fare, but delicious all the same). My mom brought nian gao with her and made that for dessert as well.

The spread: Clockwise from top left: white-cut chicken, spring rolls, noodles (corn soup is in the bowls)

Overall, it was a fun experience cooking for my folks. My sister and I have never put together an entire meal for them before, and with just over two hours to cook, I felt like I was on Top Chef, but without the drama.

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