Last weekend, my friend, Linda came down to visit from NYC. We spent one day in Baltimore, and then went down to D.C. to catch up with our other friend, Shirley, who is interning there for the summer. Saturday morning, I took Linda to Metropolitan for brunch. I had the eggs benedict, which was alright. One of the eggs was poached perfectly, the other was overdone. There was no oozing of yolk at all. Kind of disappointing.

Linda ordered some wrap without the wrap. I forgot what was actually in it though.

In the afternoon, we headed out to check out Honfest in Hampden. Here’s a pic of the “world’s largest crabcake,” which I thought also looked like the world’s most disgusting crab cake. They were selling portions of it, but I wasn’t about to try it.

On Sunday, we brunched at Kramerbooks and Afterwords in Dupont Circle. It’s a cute little bookshop and cafe. The bread and jam served in the beginning was really good.

They had mimosas for only $3. They were really light; you could barely taste the champagne.

I ordered the porker’s brunch and eggs, which came with bacon, sausage, and eggs. I normally like my bacon crispy, but this was a bit overkill, and the sausage was alright. For all the excellent reviews this place got on yelp, I wasn’t that impressed. I think it’s just an overpopular place. They’re so busy all the time that the service wasn’t that great. We had to repeatedly request for things because our server would forget about us. And she tried to rush us out of there. She even started to clear my plate even though I wasn’t finished with my meal…I was taking a phone call!

After brunch we took the circulator bus over to M street in Georgetown for some shopping. The bus stopped right in front of Iceberry frozen yogurt. Even though I was full from brunch, I still got some green tea and original frozen yogurt with raspberries. I thought it was kind of ridiculous that for $.95 for one topping, I got a whopping five raspberries. They also don’t allow you to sample there, so that kind of sucks.

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The first gorgeous weekend of 2009! Even though I should have stayed inside studying for midterms, I couldn’t let the wonderful day go to waste! My friend Anna was raving about the breakfast sandwiches at Metropolitan in Federal Hill, so we headed there for some brunch. I ordered a breakfast sandwich on a croissant with egg, cheese, and chorizo sausage ($6.50). It was excellent. The croissant wasn’t too buttery, but was just flaky enough. Very satisfying. We also shared a side of bfast potatoes ($2), which were pretty good. I liked that it was a good mix of sweet and regular potatoes.

the yummalicious sandwich


I liked that there was free refills on coffee. It’s self-serve, but they weren’t very good about refilling the pots when they were empty! There was an almond blend that I was hoping to try, but sadly it was out. With the weather being so warm, there were tables set up outside and the windows were wide open. It was so inviting!

Next, we headed to Fell’s Point to walk around a little. I’ve heard so many good things about Pitango Gelato and today was the perfect day to check it out. There are so many flavors to choose from! And they all look so yummy I wanted to try them all! I sampled the matcha green tea, mojito, and spicy chocolate and settled for the mojito. It was not too sweet, but very refreshing. I’ll definitely have to go back, though it was a bit pricey. A regular (up to two flavors) is $4.85, and a large (up to three flavors) is $6.50.

The menu

mmm mojito!

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