Last Sunday, I went with a couple friends to have one of Mick’s tasty omelettes. He had a crawfish pasta in a heavy cream sauce…all stuffed into an omelette! I’ve never really considered pasta in an omelette, but it was delicious.

The yummy omelette filling

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Whiskey Island Omelettes!

March 31, 2009

Is it omelets or omelettes? I mentioned in a previous post the omelettes that Mick serves at the Mill Valley General Store in Hampden. A couple sundays ago I finally got the chance to try it! Apparently Mick sometimes offers a choice of omelettes, but when we went it was make your own. And he had a bunch of different ingredients to choose from. I chose everything; it all sounded so good! And the sweet potatoes on the side were amazing. I’m going to have to come back some time and try one of Mick’s specialty omelettes. I heard he once served macaroni and cheese omelettes! Sounds crazy…crazy tasty!

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